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A few weeks ago, we released our Android app the ICSI Haystack in Google Play . The ICSI Haystack is a tool that allows you to identify privacy leaks associated with your installed mobile apps, where they connect to, which organizations collect personal information about you, and many other interesting facts about your mobile traffic such as use of encryption and  protocol breakdown.

The ICSI Haystack app comes from a research team at ICSIUC Berkeley in collaboration with Stony Brook University.

One of our main goals of this project is promoting user awareness about the risks associated with mobile applications while increasing their transparency. By installing Haystack, you actively contribute in our research efforts to illuminate the mobile ecosystem, the technologies used by mobile apps and their hidden behavior.  In this blog, we will report our findings but also about any interesting news regarding mobile privacy and security. Stay tuned!

If you’re curious about the technology behind Haystack, you can find many details in our paper and in this poster that we presented at UC Berkeley’s workshop “1984+31: Is Nothing Private Anymore?”

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity for a sincere Thank You to all of our users! We always welcome your feedback and suggestions at haystack-help ”@”